Sector Experience

With decades of combined experience in B2B tech PR, we have worked with clients to gain ground in both established and emerging industries, representing some of the largest technology businesses worldwide, to early-stage start-ups.

Today, we operate in dynamic sectors where
innovative firms bring new solutions to market, bringing our brand of authentic communications to cut through the noise and deliver tangible results for clients.


Though it is something of a catch-all phrase, fintech is possibly the most exciting sector to operate in at this moment in time. From new payment technologies to the emerging crypto space or the wealth of opportunities afforded by open banking, companies large and small are showing huge levels of innovation. We are proud to have helped launch a host of dynamic fintech firms, while enabling multinational organisations to successfully bring new solutions to market.


Cyber Security

Now firmly a boardroom issue, cyber security impacts businesses of all sizes. It is no longer solely a back-office IT issue, but something that must be ingrained in each and every employee due to the proliferation of remote working and mobile devices. While it is true that hackers and other cyber criminals show a relentless ability to attack companies, there is a growing list of global vendors that have proved more than a match for them. In a crowded, noisy vendor market, our focus on authenticity helps vendors to stand out from the crowd and make sure their own innovation keeps one step ahead of the perpetrators.

Retail & Supply Chain

Retail is one of the most established industries but one that is having to increasingly reinvent itself as consumer habits change. Our experience spans vendors empowering eCommerce organisations to those championing bricks-and-mortar retailers. Whether using data to better understand customers or keeping the warehouse and supply chains moving, clients benefit from our wide-ranging experience in this most dynamic of industries.



There has been growing recognition of the
benefits of employee wellness initiatives in
recent years, which has contributed to an explosion
in HR technology firms launching to market.
The Covid-19 pandemic only served to highlight the importance of a happy, connected workforce.
From collaboration systems that enable staff to collaborate seamlessly to platforms offering financial and personal benefits, firms operating in this space must align brand authenticity with impactful content to influence decision makers.

Enterprise IT

The wealth of solutions available to global enterprises is vast, including cloud technologies, managed services, to data analytics and integration across the IT architecture. We are proud to have worked with many of the biggest names in B2B technology, running truly global campaigns that deliver a consistent, international brand experience.ty helps vendors to stand out from the crowd and make sure their own innovation keeps one step ahead of the perpetrators.


Energy Tech

There can be no doubt that technology
is revolutionising the energy sector.
Spanning the generation and
distribution of energy, to understanding
consumption patterns, there is
boundless innovation happening across
the globe. As major firms seek to
become carbon neutral and
Governments seek to hit emissions
targets, the wealth of opportunities for
vendors to scale rapidly is an enticing